Cluster Matchmaker

Roadmap for Economic and Regional Development Organisations

Cluster cooperation must be a win-win and takes time to develop. The process of choosing partners should be well-considered and not only be based on a single criterium such as proximity (‚the border region‘), strong growth, or available EU funding. We advocate a demand-oriented, business-oriented and in-depth approach to develop a successful cross border cluster cooperation.

  • Region-scan: analysis of a number of Dutch regions to select clusters that overlap your region and/or clusters
  • Cluster-scan: mapping in-depth one or more clusters (e.g. Maschinenbau, IT/digital, life sciences or energy/hydrogen) within a Dutch region. The focus is on Dutch regions which have a high potential for synergy with the German region concerned. The result is  insight, based on priority search criteria, into the strength, nature and size of the Dutch cluster(s) concerned.
  • Matchmaking: confrontation of key criteria, propositions of regions, resulting in a well-founded picture of opportunities for cooperation and synergy with clusters and cluster components in Dutch regions.
  • Call to action (CTA): advise to the region/Economic Development Company on the call to action per cluster and how to fill it in.


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