Your Issues

Investment Agencies deal with following issues:

      1. Where are the relevant clusters located, and where exactly have these companies established their operations?
      2. What proposition should we use to approach these companies and attract attention?
      3. Which location factors are relevant and are we able to offer?
      4. Are our current FDI-tools sufficient, or are there other effective instruments to achieve concrete results in the next two years?
      5. Are our employees up to the task in a foreign (i.e. Dutch) market?

Corona related

        1. What are hot post-Corona sectors with (re-)location dynamics?
        2. Companies in which sectors will re-evaluate their supply chains?
        3. Shouldn’t we do more with data and digital channels?

Corona-proof in four steps

Support and focused appraoch

KARRES-ARCUSplus supports you in answering these questions. Based on thorough market research and hands-on experience we provide focus for your approach.